Cover Reveal: THE TREOIR CHRONICLES OF THE BELADOR WORLD (Volume 1) by Dianna Love

I am SO EXCITED to get to share today’s cover reveal with all of you!! Whether you’ve been a fan of the Belador Series from Dianna Love, or are discovering it for the first time… you’re in for a treat!!

THE TREOIR DRAGON CHRONICLES OF THE BELADOR WORLD will be a nine book spin-off of the original Belador series Dianna began with Sherrilyn Kenyon. Today’s reveal is for the hardcover edition, which will encompass the first three stories in the new spin-off. Here’s the pretty… more info about the series, below:

I. Love. This. So. Much!!!

So — here’s everything you need to know, whether you’re already invested in The Belador series, or you’re starting out brand new…

About the series:
Atlanta’s supernatural underworld is in a deadly power struggle and human lives dangle precariously in the middle of it all.  Meet Evalle Kincaid, the sexy Skinwalker Storm, Vladimir Quinn, Tzader Burke and the Beladors, along with the Medb coven and a Tribunal run by entities from different pantheons. Yeah, it’s crazy on a good day. 

This bestselling urban fantasy series in ongoing, and currently has 10 books and 2 novellas. Reading order (in e-book/print/audio):

1 – Blood Trinity
2 – Alterant
3 – The Curse
4 – Rise Of The Gryphon
5 – Demon Storm
6 – Witchlock
6.5 – Tristan’s Escape novella
7 – Rogue Belador
8 – Dragon King Of Treoir
9 – Belador Cosaint
10 – Treoir Dragon Hoard
10.5 – Evalle and Storm

THE TREOIR DRAGON CHRONICLES OF THE BELADOR WORLD is a nine book spin-off, written so that new readers will be able to start with book one in this series, if they like. Or, they can go back to start with BLOOD TRINITY. Dianna is planning to rapid-release all nine books within a year, beginning in September, 2020.

Current day Atlanta, Georgia is in chaos as they learn that preternaturals live among them. The red dragon shifter many believed had died 2000 years ago faces true extinction if he can’t find the dragon impersonating him to trigger an international war with humans.

Book 1 – e-book & audio September 22, 2020
Book 2 – e-book & audio October 13, 2020
Book 3 – e-book & audio November 10, 2020
Books 1-3 — Hardback: Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador World: Volume I – November 10, 2020

In addition to revealing the cover today — the Volume 1 collection is now available for pre-order!!

Head over to to place your order. Your book will be shipped out two weeks before it’s official release date, personalized to you, with a special bookmark/sticker specially created for it’s release.

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