New Year, New Blog!

Welcome to my new home one the web for all things funky, cool, and bookish.

I’ve been blogging about books and authors since 2010, on my original book blog, Books Make Me Happy. I loooooooved that blog, and am so grateful for  all of the friends I made while working on it. Friends that include fellow bloggers, authors, and readers.

In the last couple of years, though, after I started my Coastal Magic Convention, things got a bit waylaid at the blog. Life got really busy for my co-bloggers, and for myself, so posts were sporadic, at best. I’ve tried a few times to reboot that blog, try some new things, but nothing really caught on. I think we had our peak, and lost a bit of traction in the “lean years”. So… in an effort to start fresh in 2019, and break away from the structure of Books Make Me Happy’s eight previous years… I present Funk-N-Fiction.

I would like this blog to be very free flowing and eclectic. The only real “rule” for what I’ll share here is that it will be book related. I’ll have author features and book reviews, like a traditional reviews blog, but I’ll also have book to screen news, fun pop culture bookish happenings, and anything else that makes me smile.

I really hope you’ll all enjoy it as much as I will.

I also hope that my Books Make Me Happy friends will join me in this new endeavor. I hope my author and blogger friends pop in to say “Hi”, and that my readers will continue to support my efforts here. Thank you all for hanging in there with me for the last eight years. I can’t wait to keep this ball-a-rolling with fun, funky new things!

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