WWWednesday: New “Something!?” Coming From Stephenie Meyer!!


This week’s “thing I saw on the internet and just had to share with you” could be SO GOOD!! You guys — I for real just made the “squee” sound out loud!!


Like many avid readers, I absolutely devoured Stephenie Meyer’s TWILIGHT SAGA. I was a wee bit late to the game (started reading just as NEW MOON was released — the book, not the movie), but once I was in… I. WAS. ALL. IN. The community that grew up in and around that fandom gave me some amazing friends, fostered an entire boatload of new authors, and drew in millions of readers.

Today, pop culture gossip & news site Hypable posted THIS ARTICLE about the possibility of the long awaited and highly anticipated release of MIDNIGHT SUN (the retelling of TWILIGHT from Edward’s point of view). It doesn’t *confirm* that’s what’s happening, but hints at it very strongly. If you stop by Stephenie’s website right now — there’s a countdown clock that will end on Monday, May 4th. There are any number of reasons for the countdown. She has released other books released since “the saga” ended, so this could be another, unrelated book. She’s directed movies and been involved in other creative endeavors. Right now, we only have this article, and a fandom’s hope that Monday might finally bring us MIDNIGHT SUN.

I almost feel like I should whisper that, because it’s been so much of a roller coaster of emotion for Twilight fans (and for the author!) Between a leaked version, reader backlash, competing releases, and other snaffus, many of us thought the completion and release of MIDNIGHT SUN might never actually happen. I guess we’ll be waiting — patiently, and yet not so patiently — to see what “the Queen” (as she’s lovingly referred to by TWILIGHT fans) will have to share with us on Monday.

Have you been waiting for MIDNIGHT SUN? Are you as excited as I am? Do you hope it’s something completely different? I’d love to hear from all of my fellow TWILIGHT / Stephenie Meyer fans out there!!


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