Words & Music Monday: Featuring A C Arthur

Today, we get to help A C Arthur celebrate the release of CLAIM THE DRAGON!! And what better way to start the party than with a little music!

To save her, he’ll sacrifice everything.

Born a dream reaper, Steele Ezo, a powerful half dragon, half human, is struggling to find his place in the Drakon hierarchy. He is ready to accept his fate until he realizes the next victim on the Reaper’s hit list is the sexy thief who’s caught his eye.

She’s supposed to die.

He’s forbidden to stop it.

But their inexplicable connection makes it impossible to step aside.

Abandoned by her family and abused by local enforcers, Ravyn Walsh lives life on her own terms. She’s created an underground sanctuary for the oppressed citizens of Burgess, and she needs funds to keep it running. When a lucrative job—stealing an ancient dagger—lands in her lap, she doesn’t hesitate, not even when a smoldering tattooed stranger attempts to stop her.

A dagger that can raise the dead is a powerful tool—one that could change the course of history. As they fight to keep the dagger out of the wrong hands, Ravyn will be forced to embrace the truth of her heritage, while Steele will find himself torn between saving a life that isn’t meant to be saved and denouncing the power he was born to wield.

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Let the Music Play
A.C. Arthur

Nothing sets the tone of a book like a great playlist, which is why I always compile one when I’m writing a new story. CLAIM THE DRAGON, my newest paranormal romance release was no different. Well, actually, it was. Since this is the second book in my new Legion dragon shifter series, I didn’t have to start my playlist from scratch, I just added to The Legion playlist that was already ongoing.

Steele Eze is a dragon shifter with a dark past. When he sees a woman in his dream who’s supposed to die, he decides to do anything he can to protect her. Only protecting her—and eventually falling for her—could get him killed. What better song for Steele’s theme than Prince’s I Would Die 4 U?

A futuristic Robin Hood, Ravyn Walsh, steals a cursed dagger with plans of using the proceeds of its sale to care for the downtrodden citizens of Burgess. It’s no wonder her theme song is Rhianna’s Good Girl Gone Bad. If she’d known the danger and subsequent emotional turmoil from completing that one job would take on her life, she might have re-thought it. Or maybe not, considering it led her to the man, or rather, dragon, who would not only save her life, but also open her heart.

Now, the other Legion dragon’s step up to help deal with the dagger and its connection to the Royal Blood vampires they’d pissed off before. Simon Says by Pharoahe Monch leads them onto the scene.  Through the battles and in the midst of Steele and Ravyn’s flourishing love, the songs on this play list were of great inspiration.

I love writing to music (although, I can write in quiet and with the TV on, as well), because it makes me feel like I’m writing a movie. The scenes play through my mind and the music is the backdrop, especially when the songs very specifically fit exactly what my characters are going through. Movie soundtracks can be amazing and oftentimes are better than the movie in my opinion. A few of my favorite movie soundtracks are from Waiting to Exhale, Black Panther, Grease and Grease 2 (two of my all-time favorite musicals). Whenever I hear songs from these soundtracks I instantly think of the movies and all the great scenes I loved about them. So when I compile my playlists, its with the hope that these songs will also complement the story and that maybe if readers listen to the playlist they can also have that same link to story.

All in all, I guess it’s safe to say I love the music/books combo. If you do to, try the Legion playlist. Even if you don’t read the book there’s probably a song or two on the list that you’ll enjoy.

The Legion Playlist on Spotify

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