(Accidental) Summer Break Is Over!

Hi all!!!

I hadn’t intended to take the summer off… but that’s apparently what happened, lol!! One thing turned into two things, turned into ALL OF THE THINGS that kept me distracted and/or uninspired. HOWEVER… I’m hopping back in with a favorite thing of mine, and of readers who’ve been with me for a while. This year, we’re bringing back the Halloween Flash Fiction Event!!!

In case you’re new to this — the Halloween Flash Fiction event is a week of Halloweeny short stories, written especially for this event. Each story is inspired by an image, chosen from a collection I put together from artists at DeviantArt! Each story will link back to each artist, as well as the author, so you can check out both for more of their work.

This year’s event will include 30 authors (yes, 30 awesome short stories to read!!), and will run from Oct 25th – Oct 31st. I’ll even be cross posting a few on the Coastal Magic Convention website blog, as some of those Featured Authors are participating. And of course — there’ll be a way to win some cool bookish prizes along the way.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the posting schedule and all of the story links, coming later this week.

AND — watch for more regular bookish content, as well!!

Happy Reading!!

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