Coastal Magic Convention Featured Author Spotlight: 10 Things with Kwana Jackson

Jennifer, thanks so much for having me today. I’m honored to say hello to all your readers.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Kwana Jackson and I write under the name, K.M. Jackson where I have my Sugar Lake series, Unconventional Brides and Creative Hearts series to name a few. I also write under the name, Kwana Jackson and my latest REAL MEN KNIT which is out now from Berkley Romance is the story of four foster, turned adoptive brothers, fighting to keep their family’s Harlem knitting shop open after their adoptive mother suddenly passes away. REAL MEN KNIT is also about the youngest brother, Jesse and a longtime shop assistant, Kerry and their journey to finally finding love.

Now, this past year has been a rough one for so many of us and it’s been hard to find time to escape and wind down in our usual ways. When Jennifer invited me here today and said I could do a TOP 10 LIST I decided to focus on one of my favorite ways that I used to wind down and have a mental getaway (I even did this pre-pandemic). During my breaktimes I love to watch Korean Dramas. For a romance lover trope lover like me, they’re wonderful and also super inspirational. That said, here are my…

Top 10 Favorite Korean Dramas:

1 – Boys Over Flowers – Everyone’s favorite classic gateway opposites attract K-Drama. The F4 Boys will steal your heat.

2 – Cinderella and The Four Knights – Not too far off trope from Boys Over Flowers this is another opposites attract story where a poor girl is sent to live with 4 rich heirs to bring them down to earth.

3 – Because This Is My First Life – A swoony contract/fake relationship romance that hits all the right buttons.

4 – Strong Women Do Bong Soon – This love triangle with a surprise super hero strong women is funny, romantic and just delicious.

5 – Goong or Princess Hours – A total Cinderella story where it’s a love hate relationship. I adore this one.

6 – Crash Landing On You – An opposites attract story where the love interest literally crash lands in a tree and into the hero’s life.

7 – My Lovely Sam Soon – Another KDrama classic. This one is an enemies to lovers story where the heroine is older than the hero. It has a few dicey moments but her strong character and their love will keep you glued to the screen.

8 – Fated To Love You – this wrong bed romance is a funny and swoony tearjerker that takes you on the best ride. It has been remade in lots of different countries. Both the Korean and the Thai are great.

9 – What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim – This boss secretary love story is funny, lovely and romantic, and hits all the right buttons.

10 – Coffee Prince – This story of a girl who dresses as a boy to work in an all-male coffee house and then falls for the boss will make your heart skip many beats.

Don’t miss Kwana during the virtual Coastal Magic Convention: Feb 18 – 21, 2021… AND participating in posts and chats prior to #CMCon21 on the Facebook page , author & attendee group, and reading challenge group!

Most of these are on Netflix or can be found-on Amazon or Check them out if you want a fun stay at home getaway. Enjoy!
Thanks so much and please follow me on Facebook at, and on my website at , on Instagram and on Twitter at
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