WWWednesday: Reading Challenges


WWWednesdays give me a place to share some fun kind of bookish thing I found online with all of you. Scrolling through social media today — and found this article from PopSugar:

The 2021 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Is Here — Ready, Set, Read!

and it got me thinking about aaaaaalllllllll of the reading challenges I have created and participated in… yet have NEVER finished one!! I run a reader event with a reading challenge, and I haven’t even ever finished THAT one! (*hangs head in shame*) I always start out so motivated, but get so distracted by the end. I love the IDEA of them — whether they’re themed, or just overall goal oriented. And I really do try — but my reader brain — it’s a mess, lol!! I can say, though, that I’ve discovered SO MANY cool authors through challenges. Hunting around to find a book that matches a challenge prompt can be FULL of surprises!!

I’m thinking that I’d like to attempt another yearly challenge for next year, but I’m not sure which one. Here are a few other reading challenges I’ve found after poking around a little bit – inspired by the PopSugar post. Some have long lists, some have short lists, some are yearly, some are monthly — 


Booklist Queen’s 2021 Reading Challenge
The Uncorked Librarian’s 2021 Reading Challenge
Novel Knight’s Beat The Backlist 2021 Reading Challenge
She Reads Romance Books 2021 Reading Challenges
Celebrity Readers’ 2021 Diversity Reading Challenge
Ally’s Appraisals’ 2021 Historical Romance Book Bingo Challenge
GirlXOXO’s 2021 Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge

Soooooooo — here’s my questions — a) do you participate in reading challenges, and b) do you complete them? I’d love to hear how you all manage them. I’d also love to hear about any awesome authors you discovered, thanks to participating in a reading challenge!!

Which ones are you going to do in 2021? Leave me links, so we can all check them out!!

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