WWWednesday: Screen To Page Recs (via Buzzfeed News)


WWWednesdays give me a place to share some fun, bookish thing I found online with all of you. Scrolling through social media the other day — I found this article from Buzzfeed News (Books):

28 Books To Read Based On The Shows You Binge-Watched This Year

Now — I’m not a big TV watcher… especially if it’s an ongoing storyline (as opposed to one-offs, like cooking shows, etc.) HOWEVER — I really like the storylines of some of these shows, and just might be willing to check out their book recs!!

What about any of YOU?? Will any of these end up on your TBR? Have you already read any of them?

Are you big TV show watchers/bingers? Do you have any additions to this list to share? 

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