Review: DETATCHED by Elicia Hyder

Continuing our run of new releases by authors we love — if you haven’t started reading Elicia Hyder… GO… NOW… READ… we’ll wait. ❤
In the mean time — here’s what Amber thought of the first book in Elicia’s brand new series, DETATCHED!

Author: Elicia Hyder
Saphera Nyx (#1)
Release Date:
January 26, 2021
Review Copy:
Received ARC from author*

She robbed her brother of his destiny. Now she’s stuck with a dangerous power she can’t ignore, can’t control, and frighteningly—can’t resist.

I was born on the wrong side of the law—literally delivered on the floor of the state women’s prison.

My mother sees spirits. My father could become one at will. Together, they were among the most dangerous crime couples in history.

I’ve spent the last three decades trying not to live up to my DNA’s potential. Now my father is dead, and his “gift” has wrongly passed to me.

All I want is freedom from my dark family legacy, but my father’s death opened a gateway, unleashing a bloodthirsty enemy. And as much as I hate this new power within me, it might be the only way to save the city I’ve sworn to protect.

Initial Thoughts/Expectations:
Full discloser: I am a huge Elicia Hyder fan.  That being said, I started this book full of anticipation and a hint of anxiety.  Detached is the first book in a brand-new paranormal series and I wasn’t sure how anything could possibly compare to the brilliance of her paranormal romance series The Soul Summoner.

What I Loved:
Detached checked all my boxes for what I look for in an irresistible paranormal romance novel.  Our heroine is bad-ass, gun toting, retired Army ranger Corporal Saphera Nyx.  And yes, she’s as cool as her name sounds!

The paranormal elements and world building in Detached felt new and the whole concept of Nyx’s detaching power was truly fascinating.  When Nyx falls asleep, she is literally able to walk around incorporeally and travel anywhere she can picture in her mind in an instant.   Now, if that doesn’t sound like an amazing “superpower”, I don’t know what does! Nyx has just acquired her family “gift”, which she would call a curse, and it was riveting to explore her new boundaries and learn right along with her. As fun as her new gift is, her detaching ability comes with real life danger and if she isn’t careful she could unleash evil into the world. 

At it’s base, Detached it about Nyx and how she’s going to harness her new gift to benefit humanity, but Elicia also does a wonderful job weaving a love story in between all of the paranormal action.  Nyx and Essex, her BOSS, are painfully attracted to each other, but professional duty has kept them from acting on that chemistry. Being cops and working a case together put them in many close and intense situations. I LIVED for every heated look and longing stare! 

What I didn’t Love:
There was absolutely nothing not to like about this book. I know, big surprise since I’m an Elicia Hyder fan. However, I think my love for this book says a lot because it had big shoes to fill and I was prepared not to love it as much the Soul Summoner series.  

Final Thoughts:
Detached may be a brand-new series, but it was written in a way that made me feel like I was reuniting with book friends I’ve been reading about for years.  I would unequivocally recommend this book. I promise you’ll be hooked on this gripping paranormal adventure right from the very start!

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