Review: UNINTENDED TARGET by Katie Reus

We do love a Katie Reus book around here, and today’s brand new release is certainly no different. Tina was our lucky first reader for this one — but I’m sure the rest of us won’t be far behind!

Author: Katie Reus
MacArthur Family Series (#2)
Release Date:
March 23, 2021
Review Copy:
ARC from NetGalley*


He’s not her type.

Elementary school teacher Patience had her whole summer planned out, and it included margaritas and a lot of time at the beach. But when she agrees to a temporary nanny position as a favor to a friend, the last thing she expected was to butt heads with—or be attracted to—Brodie MacArthur, her employer’s sexy head of security.

But that doesn’t stop her from wanting him.

Brodie made a mistake with Patience and forever ruined her first impression of him. Just as their heated clashes reach a peak, Patience falls ill…and it’s something far more sinister than a simple summer bug. He screwed up once. He won’t do it again. And when he learns that the danger is closer than they imagined, he’ll have to fight to protect her—and win her heart.


Initial Thoughts/Expectations
I fully expected to be drawn into this book, just like I was the first book of this series.

What I Loved
UNINTENDED TARGET is the second book in a new MacArthur Family Series and I absolutely loved it. The chemistry between the two main characters was present from the beginning. This book was filled with action, suspense, and romance. Once I began reading this book, I did not want to stop. I felt like a kid in a candy store given free access to all the candies. I enjoyed watching Patience and Trevor’s relationship development. I was extremely glad it was not instant love. It was such a romantic story. I am loving this family!!

What I Didn’t Love
There was nothing about this book that I did not love. What I found is that I enjoyed this book even more than the first. I am truly ready to read it again.

Final Thoughts/Recommendations
Ms. Reus outdid herself with this book. I did not want to put this book down. I am already hoping that at the end of this series there is a holiday book or something where we get to catch up on each of the couples. I hope Ms. Reus is receiving the bug I am trying to put in her ear!! LOL.

This book is a MUST READ FIVE STAR!!!

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