Review: SAVING SIENNA by Katie Reus

It’s release day for the third (final?) book in Katie Reus’ MacArthur Family series. This has been such a fun journey to go on, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Author: Katie Reus
MacArthur Family Series (#3)
Release Date:
April 20, 2021
Review Copy:
ARC from NetGalley*


He likes law and order…

Detective Carson Irish follows the rules. But somehow he’s fallen for a sexy PI who likes to break all of them. When she gets in over her head, he’ll do anything and everything to keep her safe. But she refuses to stay on the sidelines, safe and protected. And when her life is threatened, he won’t hesitate to stand between her and the man who wants her dead.

She’s never met a rule she didn’t want to break…

Private Investigator Sienna MacArthur may have questionable methods in her work, but she gets the job done. While working a case, she unwittingly finds herself the target of an unknown threat. So she reaches out to the sexy man she’s been keeping her distance from—Carson Irish. They might be polar opposites, but she trusts him to keep her safe, and when people around her start dying, she has no choice but to put her life in his hands.


Initial Thoughts/Expectations
I love family-oriented series, we get to meet each member of the family and see their story.  I expected a good wrap where up to this series – where Sienna finds her love and now all the siblings will have their happily ever after.

What I Loved
FINDING SIENNA is the last book of this series.  I enjoyed how the author continued to show the strength that ran through the brothers in the sister.  Sienna was a strong, kick-butt woman.  Needing assistance from Carson did not take away from her character, but very beautifully complimented and enhanced it. I loved how Carson did not try to change her throughout this book. but combined their strengths to make them unstoppable.  Then you had the romantic elements, where his character was just like any other kid trying to figure romance out – it was cute.  Both characters complimented each other, leaned on each other, and made no excuses.

What I Didn’t Love
Although I cannot place my finger on why, this was not my favorite book of the series. There was action, suspense, love, family – all the right ingredients, but I find that book two was my favorite.  This story was very good, but I wasn’t as drawn in.

Final Thoughts/Recommendations
I am extremely glad to have had the opportunity to read and review this series.  The suspenseful elements were good.  Yes, I was guessing and did NOT figure it out.  I love this family.  I enjoyed how in this final book you got to see the characters from the previous books.  It was a nice wrap-up for this family.  I definitely recommend this series.  They are great love stories with unexpected twists. I love it when any author introduces a family and then give them each their own story. This was a great series.

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