Review: TOO GOOD TO BE REAL by Melonie Johnson

In search of a lighthearted, rom-com-ish summer read? Look no further than Melonie Johnson! This is the first of her books that we’ve read on this site, but it will certainly not be the last!

Author: Melonie Johnson
Release Date:
July 6, 2021
Pages: 373
Review Copy:
From Author*


Julia’s life isn’t a romantic comedy…yet.

While her friends wish for meet-cutes worthy of their favorite rom-coms, Julia is ready to give up on love. Swiping right has replaced getting swept off your feet and good old-fashioned romance has become, well, old-fashioned.

When impending layoffs threaten her job at a popular website, love becomes the last thing on Julia’s mind. Until she stumbles upon a resort where guests can live out their romantic comedy dreams: karaoke serenades, nature walks, paintball, and grand gestures galore. A story about this place could be just the thing to impress her boss and land Julia a coveted new position.

With her two best friends in tow, Julia escapes into the world of rom-coms. What she doesn’t expect is a not-quite-meet-cute with an aggressive seagull and an adorably awkward guy named Luke. Among further mishaps involving mistaken identities, a gaggle of corgis, and kisses in the rain, Julia realizes that love is perfectly imperfect—and even better in the real world.

Initial Thoughts/Expectations:

Too Good To Be Real is a RomCom written by Melonie Johnson. I heard her refer to the idea that sparked the inspiration for the book as “Austenland for RomCom lovers” and I was beyond intrigued. When I learned that the book would involve a RomCom Resort, I just had to see what journey the author would take me on.

What I loved:

I loved every single moment of the journey.

To begin with, the characters were relatable from page one. Each and every character struggles with forging their own path in love and career, their takes on relationships being shaped by the relationships and actions of their parents (knowingly and unknowingly), and self-acceptance. I cannot imagine a reader not being able to identify with a character on some level throughout the book.

The author then took those relatable characters and plopped them into a RomCom Resort on its inaugural weekend. This was a recipe for moments of hilarity and nostalgia – if you are a connoisseur of romantic comedies, I promise you will be amazed and delighted at all of the iconic moments worked in to the story. While the characters are at a resort promising them an immersive romantic comedy experience, it is still very much real life with the characters making their own choices and moves. The blend of real life and RomCom-staple moments leaves some questioning whether events are too good to be real!

My absolute favorite parts of the book were when the female friendship was front and center. Those moments of cocktails, carbs and comedy had me laughing so much with all of the inventive and clever banter between the three women. The book definitely reminded me of how important those moments spent laughing with friends are to our soul. The women even had moments were they put their friendship first and I appreciated the understanding of the males who got pushed to the side in those moments.

What I Didn’t Love:

There was not a single thing I disliked. Every stretch of events to achieve RomCom-esque moments for the main characters was believable enough to enjoy fully. At times I’d find myself thinking that time was passing too quickly and I needed more details, but then it struck me that this is the exact feeling experienced when on vacation and when experiencing the excitement of attraction to a new person.

Final Thoughts:

RomCom Resort…..  Take me!

Yes, yes, yesssss… no faking it necessary!

The resort is wonderful and I want to book a stay immediately. The author pays homage to many iconic romantic comedies throughout the book from experiences offered at the resort to conversations and competitions that take place. Having finished the book, I now plan to spend the rest of my summer days going down romantic comedy memory lane whenever I am able to squeeze in movie time.

If romantic comedies are your thing, trust Melonie Johnson to give you the full RomCom experience in her book Too Good To Be Real!

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