WWWednesday: #CMCon22 Reading Halloweengo

WWWednesdays give me a place to share some fun, bookish thing I found online with all of you.

This month, the Coastal Magic Convention has been doing a fun, quick Halloween Bookish Bingo game. If you’d like to play along (and have a chance to win a bookish prize), you still have a few days!! Below is the link to info from the Coastal Magic Convention blog post that has rules and instructions to play.

Happy October, everyone!

For some easy peasy funtimes this month, I’ve created a Reading Halloween BINGO that I’ve renamed Haloweengo! Some of the items are tied to Coastal Magic Convention Featured Authors, and some are simply using holiday themes and/or characters. I hope you all have fun with it!! Here’s how to play:

1. Download/Copy/Print the Halloweengo card…

Finish reading on CoastalMagicConvention.com… https://coastalmagicconvention.com/2021/10/06/cmcon22-reading-halloweengo

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