WWWednesday: National Library “Shelfie” Day!

WWWednesday features allow me to share something bookishly awesome I found online this week.

I love perusing the different sites that list all of the random holidays that cover every day of the calendar. Who doesn’t want more reasons to celebrate, right? So… when I spotted “National Library Shelfie Day”, I got really excited at the prospect of all the amazing bookshelf photos! And thankfully, it’s NOT just for libraries!!

Our take on this “holiday” involves two of our favorite authors, and their own bookshelves!! Do you share any book titles with any of these authors? See anything you need to add to your TBR piles? If you’re celebrating today, as well, we’d love to see your pics!! Be sure to tag us #FNFNationalShelfieDay so we can find them and share. ❤

Hildie McQueen
I love being surrounded by pretty things, especially items that remind me of Paris. To me the environment where I read is everything. So find a perfect nook and get away into a story!

Check out Hildie’s newest Highland Romance, THE LION!!

Kari Lemore
The bicycles on top I’ve had for over 30 years. Got them early in our marriage and still love showcasing them.

You can pre-order book 1 in Kari’s Rangers of Arcadia series, JORDAN POND now!

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