Wrapping Up The 2022 Halloween Flash Fiction Blog Event

Our annual Halloween Flash Fiction blog event has been SO MUCH FUN! I’ve loved seeing all of the awesome seasonal stories each day, and how each was inspired by the talented artists from DeviantArt! Each story’s inspiration is linked to the original artist, so be sure to check out more of what they have to offer.

HUGE thanks to each of the authors who participated, and to all of you readers who took time to read their stories.

Now… we get to name our winners!!!

I’ll be posting the winner(s) names next to the story post they were chosen for, below, and in the comments of that story’s posts.
Winner will have 7 days to claim their prize (details for each contest may be different, please follow the instructions on each posts’ winner announcement.)

Congratulations, everyone!!!


Oct 24 (story link) – L C Chase

Oct 24 (story link) – Hildie McQueen
*Shelby* & *Marion*

Oct 25 (story link) – Deborah Blake
*msgodiva1* & *thedisplacedwitch*

Oct 26 (story link) – Morgan Brice
*J. Shannon*

Oct 26 (story link) – Cynthia Eden
*Jennifer Shats*

Oct 27 (story link) – Jocelynn Drake
*Linda A*, *Zavara*, & *Marion*

Oct 28 (story link) – B A Tortuga
*Purple Reader*

Oct 29 (story link) – Julia Talbot

Oct 29 (story link) – Terry Spear

Oct 30 (story link) – Kiernan Kelly

Oct 31 (story link) – Melody Johnson

Oct 31 (story link) – Rayvn Salvador
*Wendy Woolridge Boyer*


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